Christopher Warren MSc. PhD Candidate
founder and senior consultant for sustainable & responsible tourist accommodation
Tel: +61 (0)2 4465 1408

Why is TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders programme so useful?

Certificate of Excellence and Green Leaders combined to make a powerful statement to guests

It has been argued that greener tourism might actually offer better experiences for visitors. However, we have also heard that guests only want to be indulged and are not prepared to change their consumption/environmental behaviour. This uncertainty does make tourist accommodation management uncomfortable about introducing greener eco-friendly practices for fear of unsettling guest satisfaction. They should not be so hesitant.

About Christopher Warren

Responsible Tourism Consultancy For Accommodation Providers

Christopher Warren and Associates provide innovative and sustainable tourism solutions using technology, creative thinking and guidance to help make a better world and a better guest experience.

Consultancy services help Australian tourist accommodation providers save resources, develop sustainable tourism experiences and improve guest satisfaction.

  • Resource Saving at Accommodation
  • Guest Experience Development
  • Responsible Tourism Marketing
  • Sustainable Tourism Product Innovation
  • Personal Sustainable Tourism Skills Development
  • New Responsible Accommodation Concept Design
  • Strategic Tourism Partnership Planning

"I want to help create a better tourism sector, which demonstrates new ways to live more sustainabily, helps create positive social change and makes people happier."

Christopher Warren

What lies behind tourism’s failure to take extreme weather events seriously?

Extreme Weather Events - Tourism

We know risks from extreme weather events are increasing and that these threats can wreak business and put lives of residents and visitors in danger. Yet still tourism is not sufficiently prepared.

This new study examines in detail the attitudes and behaviour of a popular tourist region, its operators, community and local councils and finds a significant lack of preparedness.

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