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Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourism and its economic value to communities in rural Australia

UNWTO supported conference devoted to Responsible Tourism

This paper was delivered to tourism academics and professionals during the World Responsible Tourism Day seminars in London November 2014. My presentation commences at 41:30 minutes.

Examples of Aboriginal and early White Settler intangible cultural heritage are used to demonstrate tourism’s contribution in helping community resilience through conservation of stories, festivals and folklore. Details provide evidence of heritage's economic contribution to communities and the important role Legacy Tourists play in conservation and local economic development. 

How rural communities benefit from sharing stories: Tourism, Intangible Heritage conservation and Community Resilience


Paper presented at the World Travel Market/World Responsible Tourism Day 2013: London

What is tourism and heritage's economic contribution to conservation and communities? Currently Australia tourism research statistics indicate very broad figures, for example overnight expenditure at AUD$188 per night for Culture and Heritage Visitors compared to $159 per night by other tourists. Day Cultural and Heritage visitors spend $133 per excursion compared to $100 by other day visitors (Tourism Research Australia 2009)

Helping tourism providers identify and reduce their environmental footprint

The new Green Kangaroo Starter Kit was launched today by the Kangaroo Valley Tourist Association, and is a good example of an evolutionary step forward in community led sustainability initiatives. This particular programme has run for over four years and the new Starter Kit seeks to engage tourism providers who want to become more eco-friendly and use their actions to attract more customers by:

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