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Helping tourism providers identify and reduce their environmental footprint

The new Green Kangaroo Starter Kit was launched today by the Kangaroo Valley Tourist Association, and is a good example of an evolutionary step forward in community led sustainability initiatives. This particular programme has run for over four years and the new Starter Kit seeks to engage tourism providers who want to become more eco-friendly and use their actions to attract more customers by:

Preparing ourselves for the challenge

Are we prepared for the challenges from a greater number and more extreme bush fires? (courtsey from Australian Geographic)

Our focus in Australia appears to concentrate predominantly on the economy and potential changes in government. Meanwhile we have just experienced the ‘Angry Summer’ a prelude to what may lay in store for our future and demonstrated that tourism needs to do much more to prevent and be prepared for bush fires. However, tourism providers and communities appear to be either in denial, have other priorities or simply cannot afford to take steps to protect themselves and their visitors.

Climate Change - you can almost feel it!


Changing behaviour through fear:notes from a tourist accommodation provider in Catastrophic Fire Risk Australia.

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