Christopher Warren MSc. PhD Candidate
founder and senior consultant for sustainable & responsible tourist accommodation
Tel: +61 (0)2 4465 1408

Promoting Connectedness to Nature

 Children expressing connection with nature by creating habitats for their 'Moogies' - Aboriginal Cultural Belief System

World Responsible Tourism Day Case Study:

Encouraging pro-environmental concern using ‘entertaining' and ‘educational' ecotourism interpretation.


Christopher Warren, Jane Gripper and Lara Claringbould

World Responsible Tourism Day: encouraging pro-enviornmental values. An experimental project


Research confirms that individuals who have pro-environmental values also hold a strong connectivity to nature and are frequently positive thinkers. Therefore to stimulate society change to a better world, methods need to be found to build connectivity to nature which in turn can influence pro-environmental social practice and behaviour.

Responsible Planning for Small Tourism Businesses

Part of a programme to encourage greater destination sustainability, devised by the Interntional for Responsible Turism-Australia includes  a one-day workshop will be held on Thursday 30 August 2012 in Molong, hosted by Central NSW Tourism and funded by Destination NSW through the 2011/12 Regional Product Development Program.

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