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Greener Holidays becoming mainstream stories

It is interesting to note that a mainstream media channel in Australia reported a greener destination experience this weekend. Written not as a quirky option for a few 'Greenies' but as alternative that might appeal to anyone. Sydney Morning Herald - How Green Is My Valley.

Gardens for Good

Turning your responsible actions into a tourism experience

The following example demonstrates how an operator's property and sustainability message can be used to support a community event and add value to the visitor experience.

Introducing a garden walk with a difference.

Responsible Crisis Management & Risk Mitigation

Safety and security are of great importance when visitors consider destinations for their annual holidays. Media coverage of terrorism, national public/political strikes and extreme climate events can have a negative impact on a country/region’s appeal. How tourists were warned, looked after and helped evacuate, have impacts on a destination’s brand image – broadcast by the ever present social networks. In Australia staff and guest safety, and implemented Climate Change Adaptation plans should be acknowledged as tourism businesses ‘licence to operate’.

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