Christopher Warren MSc. PhD Candidate
founder and senior consultant for sustainable & responsible tourist accommodation
Tel: +61 (0)2 4465 1408

Building rural tourism from the bottom-up

For economic and social sustainability reasons we need to rethink the way tourism is developed in Australia. The following summary points reflect my argument that we need to build truism from the bottom up, empower local communities to use tourism to conserve rural Australia’s culture (full paper attached below). Tourism practitioners now have the opportunity of contributing to the Tourism Expenditure Taskforce.

Greener Holidays becoming mainstream stories

It is interesting to note that a mainstream media channel in Australia reported a greener destination experience this weekend. Written not as a quirky option for a few 'Greenies' but as alternative that might appeal to anyone. Sydney Morning Herald - How Green Is My Valley.

Gardens for Good

Turning your responsible actions into a tourism experience

The following example demonstrates how an operator's property and sustainability message can be used to support a community event and add value to the visitor experience.

Introducing a garden walk with a difference.

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