Christopher Warren MSc. PhD Candidate
founder and senior consultant for sustainable & responsible tourist accommodation
Tel: +61 (0)2 4465 1408

Gardens for Good

Turning your responsible actions into a tourism experience

The following example demonstrates how an operator's property and sustainability message can be used to support a community event and add value to the visitor experience.

Introducing a garden walk with a difference.

Responsible Crisis Management & Risk Mitigation

Safety and security are of great importance when visitors consider destinations for their annual holidays. Media coverage of terrorism, national public/political strikes and extreme climate events can have a negative impact on a country/region’s appeal. How tourists were warned, looked after and helped evacuate, have impacts on a destination’s brand image – broadcast by the ever present social networks. In Australia staff and guest safety, and implemented Climate Change Adaptation plans should be acknowledged as tourism businesses ‘licence to operate’.

EcoTourism Australia taking action

Tourism is one of, if not the, primary economic driver for many Australian rural communities. Stimulating visitor expenditure is therefore vital to positively contribute to the rebuilding process in Queensland (and rural NSW and Victoria) effected by recent climate events. The swifter the implementation of strategic well planned support campaigns the faster the repair to the economy.

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