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Mountain bike use in Protected Areas

Unlicensed and illegal trail bike riding on Crown Land - warning signs are not sufficient to manage protected areas

Moutain Bikes - Mounting Questions. Should we permit and encourage mountain biking in NSW National Parks as proposed by the NSW Government? The idea of healthier leisure pursuits, reduced dependence on fossil fuels and the creation of new tourism infrastructure should be applauded. But the negative impacts and need for strong cohesion leaves us with a number of questions. This article aims to pinpoint concerns and put forward recommendations.

Economic Development

Winner NSW Tourism - Qantas Awards for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism 2009

Excellence in Sustainable Tourism

Crystal Creek Meadows wins 2009 NSW Tourism - Qantas Awards for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism 2009. This reflects the wide range of energy saving measures and carbon footprint reductions. These 'hard' initiatives have been blended with a strong focus on enhancing the guest experience as we endeavour to demonstrate that taking responsible action does not mean reducing the guest experience, in fact far from it, we have improved the range of services by simply focusing much more on locally made locally provided.


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Crystal Creek Meadow's Charity Program

In a civilised world acting ethically and responsibly ought to be fundamental principles to doing business. That is why with my consultancy work and our tourism business we are committed to the Principles of the Capetown Declaration (2002).

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