About Christopher Warren

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"I dream of creating a better tourism

sector, which demonstrates

new ways to live more sustainably,

helps create positive social change

and makes people happier."


Christopher Warren

Christopher is an international expert in Responsible Tourism for Accommodation Providers applying technology and creativity to develop innovative sustainable solutions.  His services help to save resources, improve competitiveness whilst increasing guests satisfaction, thus making businesses and destinations more sustainable. The innovative techniques are a result of 12 years analysing guest behaviour first hand, drawing on his international marketing career running two successful pioneering companies and sharing his PhD research insights.

His inventions and business strategies have established the first carbon audited tourist destination in Australia (winnings of a world Responsible Tourism Award), tourism development methodology 'Travelology' and patented intelligent systems for resource management in accommodation. 

Christopher is the chairman and founder of Hamlet Research a software development company specialising in behaviour change, My Green Butler, a sustainable tourism ICT brand, and director of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism in Australia and is an UNWTO/UNEP Sustainable Tourism Partner of the 10YFP programme.

In 2010 Christopher received the Eco Medal at the Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference in recognition of "extraordinary personal and professional achievement and contribution by an individual over many years to the Australian tourism industry." This is a discretionary award judged by the board of EcoTourism Australia. Since 2005 Christopher has held voluntary board roles in community tourism cooperatives, local council tourism boards, regional, state and national peak tourism bodies.

In 2004 Christopher established Crystal Creek Meadows Luxury Cottages and Spa Retreat which has won four national tourism and environmental awards including the Australian Tourism Awards – Qantas Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism. He uses his responsible accommodation business to test new inventions and persuasive communication techniques which then are shared with tourism businesses worldwide. 

Christopher has lived in four continents and worked for some of the world’s leading consumer brands and travel and hospitality brands. In his formative years he worked at Europe’s leading new product development agency, Craton, Lodge & Knight. This practical experience is combined with his MSc in Responsible Tourism Management and now ongoing PhD research in Responsible Tourism for Accommodation Providers. He is also is a Certificate IV Trainer & Assessor. He undertakes international consultancy projects, speaking engagements and Responsible Tourism advisory roles from his bases in Australia and France.

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