Is the knowledge gap too wide for innovative sustainable tourist accommodation?

Bridge the knowledge gap with focused game changing research and development

There is currently insufficient research to assist us innovate tourist accommodation to become a low carbon sector that also uses water sustainably. After reviewing 110 academic resource-saving studies we found significant research gaps that leave us still unclear how accommodation can make deep game changing savings.

Reaching for your stars: how to accelerate innovation for more sustainable tourism

Reaching for the stars and becoming a progressive sustainable tourism business requires us to re-think what our values are and learn new skills. By examining my 14-year progress with Crystal Creek Meadows I discovered the pattern to progress is not a neat sharply defined map but a fuzzier personal journey. Understanding this journey, why and how we changed, how our business progressed to ever more radical innovative ideas and the challenges we faced is I think a helpful insight for others.

Room with a view...of your own consumption

Summer destination hot spots were again packed this summer to overtourism levels with a +7% growth over 2017. This is putting intolerable pressure on the sector’s ability to achieve agreed resource saving and carbon-cutting goals. Our hope that technical efficiencies alone will save our holidays is simply not going to be sufficient to contain human consumption in the developed and developing economies.

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