Guest Experiences

Research insights, advice and case studies which help create memorable guest experiences that help tourism operators become more sustainable. In Responsible Tourism this can involve guests actively participating in conservation or learning activities which increases appreciation and contribute to life skills.

Room with a view...of your own consumption

Summer destination hot spots were again packed this summer to overtourism levels with a +7% growth over 2017. This is putting intolerable pressure on the sector’s ability to achieve agreed resource saving and carbon-cutting goals. Our hope that technical efficiencies alone will save our holidays is simply not going to be sufficient to contain human consumption in the developed and developing economies.

Being Green does make you a better business – our customers say so!

Highly commended GH 2017.png

I do not write this as self-promotion but to make a point by using my small business as an example. Crystal Creek Meadows has just won the global coveted Green Hotelier Award (highly commended Asia Pacific) for Best in Green and Responsible Tourism 2017, while at the same time recognised as a Green Leader by Ecotourism Australia and achieving two service excellence awards by global leading online travel agents – all in this season.

Willing and Able: hospitality customers can happily play their part in sustainable tourism

Cutting waste by recycling.JPG

The hospitality sector’s raison d'être is to provide excellent customer service in food, beverage and lodging, but does that also mean at any cost and to ignore wasteful consumption?

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