Innovation is the lifeblood of a competitive business and destination. Balancing natural and cultural heritage, community needs, with technology and green design can lead to exciting low carbon, resource saving initiatives that are a positive economic contribution to local communities. Ideas for new responsible tourism development which incorporate new technology, green design and active guest participation in conservation and community development are discussed.

Is the knowledge gap too wide for innovative sustainable tourist accommodation?

Bridge the knowledge gap with focused game changing research and development

There is currently insufficient research to assist us innovate tourist accommodation to become a low carbon sector that also uses water sustainably. After reviewing 110 academic resource-saving studies we found significant research gaps that leave us still unclear how accommodation can make deep game changing savings.

It must be NOW!

It Must Be Now is a great new sustainable tourism platform seeking to transform hospitality and working as “a force for good”. Founded by Onno Poortier who previously ran Peninsular Hotels, emphases that NOW's missions is to radically change tourist’s trajectory and achieve outstanding sustainable tourism results. In this fifth edition, I urge hotelier and hospitality firms to embrace the changing public mood and to involve them in creating more sustainable experiences. Guests use the majority of resources in hotels and other accommodation types.

Don't just reach for the renewable source

Solar energy is renewable for as long as the panels last

Jeremy Smith has raised important points on tourism’s slow steps towards renewable energy in his article, our challenge though requires much more progressive steps if we are to meet the Paris Agreement goals. He raises the important point that tourism fails to match other industry sectors in making a commitment to renewable energy.

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