Innovation is the lifeblood of a competitive business and destination. Balancing natural and cultural heritage, community needs, with technology and green design can lead to exciting low carbon, resource saving initiatives that are a positive economic contribution to local communities. Ideas for new responsible tourism development which incorporate new technology, green design and active guest participation in conservation and community development are discussed.

When is an ecotourism resort not ecotourism? When it is greenwashing

Ecotourism or greenwashing?

The term ‘ecotourism' is being applied to a tourism development which has ignited substantial public opposition in Southern New South Wales Australia and is potentially a significant decision for the NSW Regional Development Panel.

A philosophy of travel

Kangaroo Valley & South Coast Discovery Tours Australia is a new travel service which conveys its responsible marketing message using philosophical tone.The inspiration came from Aristotle's Good Action and Phronesis - practical wisdom. As travel is essentially a hedonistic experience for many, using the insights from an ancient Greek philosopher seemed a reasonable place to start. Encouraging responsible action is thus inter linked with enjoying a Good experience while letting other flourish.

What are the Responsible Flying Options to Recommend?

Aviation is responsible for significant GHG emissions yet is also a vital artery to feed regional tourism in Australia and deliver international visitors. We need the planes to bring tourists but we also must cut emissions. So how can you do it better?

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