Skills Development

Information and education are two essential factors to help tourism providers become more sustainable. Creative ways to convey information and stimulate business future thinking are discussed and demonstrated through case studies. Tourism providers can step up to a more sustainable and competitive position.

Reaching for your stars: how to accelerate innovation for more sustainable tourism

Reaching for the stars and becoming a progressive sustainable tourism business requires us to re-think what our values are and learn new skills. By examining my 14-year progress with Crystal Creek Meadows I discovered the pattern to progress is not a neat sharply defined map but a fuzzier personal journey. Understanding this journey, why and how we changed, how our business progressed to ever more radical innovative ideas and the challenges we faced is I think a helpful insight for others.

Ten year study shows skills and resource gaps for carbon reduction in hospitality and tourism firms

Auditing carbon requires firms to keep comprehensive records

Members of the Green Kangaroo Programme continue to show leadership as responsible destination stakeholders as they celebrate ten years of calculating their carbon emissions. I devised the Green Kangaroo programme in 2007 with Steve Gale of Hatch Consulting, at a time when we perhaps a little naively talked of becoming a Carbon Neutral destination. Now in February 2018, I am again working with individual tourism firms in Kangaroo Valley (Australia) for their third audit.

Taking Strategic Opportunities

Maximising public money and visitor expenditure opportunities has been applied to a recent project in Central NSW. The training programme includes practical demonstrations, participant involvement but also responsible opportunism to capitalise on market conditions and maximise economic linkage. Read more

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