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Is the knowledge gap too wide for innovative sustainable tourist accommodation?

Bridge the knowledge gap with focused game changing research and development

There is currently insufficient research to assist us innovate tourist accommodation to become a low carbon sector that also uses water sustainably. After reviewing 110 academic resource-saving studies we found significant research gaps that leave us still unclear how accommodation can make deep game changing savings.

Out of Africa...reflections of UNWTO Symposium 2017

Exceptional wildlife experiences in Botswana

Presenting at the UNWTO International Symposium on Innovation in Sustainable Tourism (Botswana, December 2017) spotlighted for me why Africa has so many examples of world-leading responsible tourism firms. Africa’s reflective qualities and approach to prosper in harmony with nature and communities was clear from the beginning of the event;  “who benefits from sustainability…..why are we saving the planet?

‘Gold Rush’ tourism – the exploitation of land and people

Are we exploiting destinations for short term gain?

The enormous growth in tourism, which we are all now too familiar hearing of (leading to overtourism, depletion of natural resources and pollution), could be accelerating out of control (Peeteers, 2017). Can we draw on history and culture to manage it? Attending and speaking at the fascinating Chinese Dream Conference held by Griffith Institute For Tourism, I heard the facts and figures of Chinese outbound growth. These were similar to presentations I listened to at WTM in London and in Dubai.

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