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‘Gold Rush’ tourism – the exploitation of land and people

Are we exploiting destinations for short term gain?

The enormous growth in tourism, which we are all now too familiar hearing of (leading to overtourism, depletion of natural resources and pollution), could be accelerating out of control (Peeteers, 2017). Can we draw on history and culture to manage it? Attending and speaking at the fascinating Chinese Dream Conference held by Griffith Institute For Tourism, I heard the facts and figures of Chinese outbound growth. These were similar to presentations I listened to at WTM in London and in Dubai.

Why has a small rural Australian business been chosen as a demonstration of world best responsible business practice?

Christopher and Sophie Warren managers of Crystal Creek Meadows

Crystal Creek Meadows in Kangaroo Valley NSW has been selected as a finalist in the World Responsible Tourism Awards to be announced in London. This year’s award focus is on the UN Sustainable Development Goals making them particularly relevant to all rural tourism in Australia and around the world that are facing extreme weather events and Climate Change.

It must be NOW!

It Must Be Now is a great new sustainable tourism platform seeking to transform hospitality and working as “a force for good”. Founded by Onno Poortier who previously ran Peninsular Hotels, emphases that NOW's missions is to radically change tourist’s trajectory and achieve outstanding sustainable tourism results. In this fifth edition, I urge hotelier and hospitality firms to embrace the changing public mood and to involve them in creating more sustainable experiences. Guests use the majority of resources in hotels and other accommodation types.

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