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Ten years of auditing SME tourist accommodations' carbon emissions - what have we learnt?

Involving the guest in your responsible practices makes everyone happy

What have we learnt after ten years of conducting carbon audits at Crystal Creek Meadows and members of the Green Kangaroo, and how can this help tourism become more sustainable? In 2007 I conducted the first audit on my small tourist accommodation business in Australia and later of 24 members of my community tourism group (Green Kangaroo). See report attached below.

The Push of Climate Change action and the pull of economic growth: What could sustainable tourism be like in Morocco

Heritage sights have beautiful artwork

As a country with 100 million annual beach visitors, nine delicate UNESCO world heritage sites and aspirations to double tourism, Morocco faces sustainable tourism challenges. These include rising seas levels, extreme weather events and a desire to improve the quality of life for its lower income population.

Tourism should step up and make a collective change for good

Wilderness is a natural tourism asset

I read in this informative article that our wildernesses are shrinking "dramatically". They are of course not just habitat but our carbon store. The article calls for practical action for land stewardship on a large scale may come from various different channels. One could be tourism which must be galvanised to care for the environment in and around destinations using visitor donations, revenues and projects.

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