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Tourism should step up and make a collective change for good

Wilderness is a natural tourism asset

I read in this informative article that our wildernesses are shrinking "dramatically". They are of course not just habitat but our carbon store. The article calls for practical action for land stewardship on a large scale may come from various different channels. One could be tourism which must be galvanised to care for the environment in and around destinations using visitor donations, revenues and projects.

Guests' like to use their character strengths, it makes better tourism expereinces

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Asking visitors to be more environmentally friendly during their holiday might actually enhance their holiday experience. New research suggests that tapping into visitors’ character strengths through co-created experiences could not only make a positive environmental contribution but also create more memorable experiences that build a business’ competitive position.

Why is TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders programme so useful?

Certificate of Excellence and Green Leaders combined to make a powerful statement to guests

It has been argued that greener tourism might actually offer better experiences for visitors. However, we have also heard that guests only want to be indulged and are not prepared to change their consumption/environmental behaviour. This uncertainty does make tourist accommodation management uncomfortable about introducing greener eco-friendly practices for fear of unsettling guest satisfaction. They should not be so hesitant.

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