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Co-creating sustainable tourism product experiences: Calling on your Character Strengths

Arabian Travel Market 25-28 April 2016

Tourism faces the challenges of two disruptive market influences, increasing competition, in part stimulated by the internet's ability to compare pricing for similar products, and the urgent need to address sustainable practice. A competitive edge which both improves margins and makes a positive difference to the environment is therefore required.

What lies behind tourism’s failure to take extreme weather events seriously?

Extreme Weather Events - Tourism

We know risks from extreme weather events are increasing and that these threats can wreak business and put lives of residents and visitors in danger. Yet still tourism is not sufficiently prepared.

This new study examines in detail the attitudes and behaviour of a popular tourist region, its operators, community and local councils and finds a significant lack of preparedness.

Focusing on Airbnb is missing the target in rural destinations

Holiday homes can account for up to 70% of the local coast housing stock in some communities

The shared economy and specifically tourist accommodation is a much wider problem of great complexity. Lobby solely against Airbnb is missing wider issues that must be tackled with comprehensive local government regulations.

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