Guests' like to use their character strengths, it makes better tourism expereinces

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Asking visitors to be more environmentally friendly during their holiday might actually enhance their holiday experience. New research suggests that tapping into visitors’ character strengths through co-created experiences could not only make a positive environmental contribution but also create more memorable experiences that build a business’ competitive position.

Using the context of luxury eco-cottages, this study draws on positive psychology to investigate how guests might be encouraged to engage in onsite pro-environmental behaviours.

Our survey of 145 tourists' pro-environmental behaviours and attitudes from open-ended responses were analysed for the presence of character strengths and tested against responses to pro-environmental attitudes, intentions and behaviours. Results indicate that tourists who displayed character strengths were more likely to report engaging in pro-environmental behaviours or hold pro-environmental attitudes.

Furthermore, some character strengths, e.g. curiosity, judgement, social intelligence, self-regulation, hope and citizenship, were more prevalent in the analysis. Consequently tourism experiences designed to appeal to specific character strengths could encourage tourists to adopt pro-environmental behaviours.

Co-created experiences between host and visitor have the potential to build visitor's satisfaction because by successfully drawing on character strengths can build a positive sense of happiness and fulfilment