EcoTourism Australia taking action

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Tourism is one of, if not the, primary economic driver for many Australian rural communities. Stimulating visitor expenditure is therefore vital to positively contribute to the rebuilding process in Queensland (and rural NSW and Victoria) effected by recent climate events. The swifter the implementation of strategic well planned support campaigns the faster the repair to the economy.

EcoTourism Australia has just launched its Operation rECOvery to assist Eco accredited tourism operators survive the economic crisis that they now face following the cyclone and floods. The peak body acknowledges that the government will be developing marketing campaigns to assist regions, but as Kym Cheatham , CEO of EcoTourism Australia states “many of the operators need help now”. EcoTourism Australia is running internet based promotional strategies and media PR.

Tourism Queensland recently implemented an innovated crisis management program to reduce operators risk from extreme climate events. However, the scale of recent events and the level of operator Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Mitigation plans leave a considerable challenge for authorities and tourism businesses.

Managing risk is a 'whole of tourism' responsibility in destinations as solutions are complex and action directly impacts on brand image.