Greener Holidays becoming mainstream stories

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It is interesting to note that a mainstream media channel in Australia reported a greener destination experience this weekend. Written not as a quirky option for a few 'Greenies' but as alternative that might appeal to anyone. Sydney Morning Herald - How Green Is My Valley.

After analyzing the travel sections of the Sydney Morning Herald (weekend), Sunday Telegraph and the Weekend Australia for over one year I can report very few stories have highlighted more sustainable holiday options. But could this SMH story and its mainstream approach be an indication of change? Certainly it is required.

The Federal Government's ambition to encourage more sustainable tourism in Australia is driven primarily by the TQUAL accreditation strategy. What should be incorporated in this strategy is the media's role in educating consumers about good holiday options which have a gentler footprint while not penalising the visitor experience. This will require tourism managers and operators to include media relations i.e. educating the travel journalists on tourism impacts and operator adaptation so the media can play its part in helping to raise awareness of more responsible holiday options. I note that the Responsible Tourism Awards now have a travel journalist category.