What lies behind tourism’s failure to take extreme weather events seriously?

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Extreme Weather Events - Tourism

We know risks from extreme weather events are increasing and that these threats can wreak business and put lives of residents and visitors in danger. Yet still tourism is not sufficiently prepared.

This new study examines in detail the attitudes and behaviour of a popular tourist region, its operators, community and local councils and finds a significant lack of preparedness.

Tourism has a duty of care for visitors who are vulnerable in an unfamiliar place. Operators are not prioritising preparedness for extreme events; communities do not have sufficient capacity to lead, and destination focus on short term competitiveness.

In the face of everyday business and community pressures, threats can be ignored and individual action may not be coordinated leaving business owners, communities and visitors vulnerable.

Read this peer assessed report which provides insights into operator behaviour and community attitudes, the need for training and the importance to establish guest safety procedures including evacuation plans ahead of extreme weather events and their consequences e.g bush fires.

Policy suggestions are made for government and tourism destination managers  - [link below]

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