What we don't know about resource saving in tourism

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There is currently insufficient research to assist the transition for tourist accommodation to become a low carbon sector that also uses water sustainably. After reviewing 110 academic resource-saving studies we found significant research gaps that leave us still unclear how accommodation can make deep game changing savings. These gaps include:


Green hotels and resort and more NYTimes says its becoming mainstream

Green accommodation, what was once a niche market is now becoming mainstream. As many hotels and resorts are increasingly seeking to become more sustainable so they are applying a greater level of technical and organisational innovation. As the newspaper says 'a growing number of properties are making sustainability their main attraction.

Willing and Able: hospitality customers can happily play their part in sustainable tourism

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The hospitality sector’s raison d'être is to provide excellent customer service in food, beverage and lodging, but does that also mean at any cost and to ignore wasteful consumption?

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