Green hotels and resort and more NYTimes says its becoming mainstream

Green accommodation, what was once a niche market is now becoming mainstream. As many hotels and resorts are increasingly seeking to become more sustainable so they are applying a greater level of technical and organisational innovation. As the newspaper says 'a growing number of properties are making sustainability their main attraction.

Willing and Able: hospitality customers can happily play their part in sustainable tourism

Cutting waste by recycling.JPG

The hospitality sector’s raison d'être is to provide excellent customer service in food, beverage and lodging, but does that also mean at any cost and to ignore wasteful consumption?

Where’s the Tesla-like innovation in tourism?

What does real sustainability-oriented innovation in tourism look like?

Where’s the Tesla-like innovation in tourism? How much further do we have to go to get a tipping point that starts game-changing sustainability in tourism, and what will stimulate that change? Attending the World Travel Market this year I noted that the expert panel discussion celebrating 10 years of World Responsible Tourism Day confirmed tourism still had a long way to go in the next ten years if it wants to be sustainable.

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