“Born Free*” (Not): Releasing wildlife tourism’s economic potential

wildlife tourism experiences can touch deep emtions

(Born Free is a non-fiction story of wildlife rehabilitation in Kenya)

Creating Sustainable & Responsible Wildlife Tourism Visitor Experiences


Memorable competitive wildlife tourism experiences are created from special factors that combine to make unique authentic products. By directly involving the visitor in a phased interpretative experience you can increase their participation, contribution to conservation and improve their satisfaction. What to consider and how to mesh the parts together is explained in my step by step process outlined in the two information sheets attached.

Sustainable Tourism: How close are we getting, one business' nine year review

After efficiency must come significant behaviour change

Today Crystal Creek Meadows Luxury Cottages & Spa Resort completed its Responsible Tourism Report 2014-15 which compares the impact of nine years of monitoring. There has been progress, but there are also clear signs that easy early gains are followed by much more serious and challenging barriers to becoming a more sustainable tourism business. These barriers may only be resolved by behaviour change and major technological innovations.

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