Consultancy & Services

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Responsible Tourism - Consultancy & Services For Accommodation Providers

Christopher Warren's goal is to apply sustainable tourism principles using responsible, innovative and creative solutions to help tourist accommodation businesses become more competitive and make their destinations better places to visit.

Free Services

These free tools help you create a more effective business:

  • Energy and water tracker, subsequently reducing costs
  • Occupied guest night carbon footprint calculator
  • Dashboard which helps you monitor business matrix 

Free energy and water saving advice

  • Helpful information sheets that will save your money
  • Helpful tips on how to involve your guests

Using these free systems will help you identify opportunities for your business to become more sustainable. They will also help you become more competitive because applying Responsible Tourism Accommodation practices appeals to the growing expectation that tourism must be socially and environmentally responsible. 

To request these free tools please contact Christopher.

Creative Workshops

Christopher runs workshops which use his proprietary method Travelology. In fun and dynamic sessions he helps participants find their competitive advantage, develop creative responsible guest experiences which can go on to improve competitiveness and destination development.

Personal Sustainable Tourism Skills Development training workshops show how to monitor resources, reduce consumption and cut carbon emissions. Techniques on how to positively involve guests are explained. Workshops are not theoretical but provide practical advice that can make a difference straight away. They focus on individual business' unique characteristics so solutions also encompass improving the guests' satisfaction at that property.

Resources For Developing A Stronger Point Of Difference Within Your Sector

Consultancy services benefit from Christopher's PHD research insights, his extensive knowledge as a multi award winning accommodation host and over 30 years new product development and marketing experience and propretory technologies.

Services include:

  • Resource Monitoring and Saving Plans 
  • Guest Experience Development 
  • Responsible Tourism Marketing
  • Sustainable Tourism Product Innovation
  • New Responsible Accommodation Concept Design
  • Strategic Tourism Partnerhips Planning

Business As Usual Method

Continuing with past management approaches will not help an accommodation business avoid ever tighter margins, face new competition and adhere to future environmental legislation. However, the time and energy used to continue operating old systems can leave insufficient capacity to apply new technologies and improve progressively. The Responsible Tourist Accommodation practices and the free systems provided by Christopher will help you improve your business, become more competitive and help make better tourist destinations.

Learn more about Responsible Tourist Accommodation
• Free access to Christopher's publications