Crystal Creek Meadow's Charity Program

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In a civilised world acting ethically and responsibly ought to be fundamental principles to doing business. That is why with my consultancy work and our tourism business we are committed to the Principles of the Capetown Declaration (2002).

By creating our own Crystal Creek Meadows Charity Program we are able to funnel guest donations, client and sales income to selected charities that best fit our commitments to improve our community's social sustainability, to minimise our business and guests' negative environmental impacts on the natural heritage and to tackle the challenges from climate change, both in Australia and by helping the poor in regions affected by drought.

Our definition of sustainability is taken from the World Commission on Environment and Development: "forms of progress that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."

Chosen charities are:

For a full statement of commitments please write to Chris at cjwarrenatoptusnet [dot] com [dot] au 

There are three ways you can make a contribution to the Crystal Creek Meadows Charity Program:

  1. As a guest at Crystal Creek Meadows you can make a donation during your stay. Office services including Internet facilitates are provided free but guests can make a donation. 

  2. Chris Warren offers sustainability and marketing consulting service. Clients can stay at Crystal Creek Meadows paying a tariff and receiving a guided interpretive tour of our low carbon business The Lab, receiving a "How to manual" and a consulting session free in return for a donation to the program. 

  3. Chris will visit your business; assist with mentoring to help you become successfully carbon neutral, making a 20% contribution of his fees to the Crystal Creek Meadows Charity Program. Plus as a business Crystal Creek Meadows makes a business contribution to the Program every year from the profits of the business to the value of more than $2,500. This is in addition to the above contributions made directly by guests and clients. 100% of these contributions are directed to our chosen charities. The Crystal Creek Meadows Charity Program accounts are accountant verified and we should be happy to provide a copy of the accounts upon request.

For more information on the Crystal Creek Meadows Charity Fund

For more information on Chris's services to aid small/medium businesses become a low carbon business contact cjwarrenatoptusnet [dot] com [dot] au