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Practising Responsible Tourism  & Reporting For Accommodation Providers

Being clear and making honest claims is an important element in helping you build a responsible reputation. However, it is critical that you can verify your claims - and independently. There are many accreditation and certification programmes. While these are an excellent way to learn more, establish a framework for action and apply sound practice they do not provide regular independent verification to prove your claims. This is important if you want to provide the critical reassurance to prospective customers, to partners in your supply chain and to other stakeholders.

Simply using terms like ethical, green, eco friendly make it very difficult for others to actually determine what you mean by such descriptions. Cynically many may feel you are making over claims and contribute to Greenwashing. While using ethical, green, eco friendly may be helpful ways to communicate initially, an explanation is required.

Therefore a business must state its ethos, policies, and environmental impacts. They must be independently verified. They should be presented transparently and in a helpful manner. Here are ours. Please contact me if you require more details.

Avoid Green Washing
While we were the first accommodation in Australia to be certified carbon neutral, Climate Action - Leader, we prefer to claim only that we make efforts to minimise negative environmental impacts. This is because we wish to avoid any perception of making exaggerated marketing claims or contribute to confusing terminology or imply environmental ethics which might misled the public. Instead our Green House Gas Emissions are independently verified quarterly (by Hales Douglass) and we go beyond the Kyoto Protocol to include air travel, septic tank, firewood and water usage.

Further this policy enables us to keep substantiated claims clear, as follows:

1. Best Practice Accreditationgreen kangaroo logo for a green kangaroo valley
We embrace the guiding principles of Nature Tourism certification and Climate Action from EcoTourism Australia. Christopher planned and established the Green Kangaroo programme to enhance our community's sustainability. Christopher, Sophie and their family's environmental impacts are also included in the verification and follow the same environmental management policies as the business.

2. Awards
Validated by two NSW Government Green Globe awards and the Australian Tourism Awards' QANTAS Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism.

3. Verification
Site checks undertaken by award judges. Environmental Management Performance is independently audited by Hales Douglass, following the principle of ISO 14064 (to report Green House Gasses emissions and calculate offsets). If you would like a report please contact Chris cjwarrenatoptusnet [dot] com [dot] au

4. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Report
We provide our guests with a table that summarises the positive results from some of our environmental policies and provide onsite guided tours. We acknowledge that our primary Bad problem is our reliance on petroleum. We are now working on strategies to reduce this. Our Ugly problem is that we inherited weeds in a water course and have now established a rehabilitation programme.

List of Independently Verified Achievements

  • Reduced Green House Gas emissions from 50 tonnes per annum (2006-07) to 20 tonnes (2009-10).
  • Purchase 100% accredited Green Renewable Energy
  • Installed 6 kW solar voltaics (2010)
  • Purchase 100% accredited firewood
  • Cut landfill by 33% (2007-08 versus 2009-10)
  • Increased recycling waste by 50% (2007-08 verses 2009-10)