Sustainability - A Community Case Study

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Kangaroo Valley Community - Responsible Tourism Programme

Highly Commended: Best Destination in Responsible Tourism Awards 2010Highly Commended: Best Destination in Responsible Tourism Awards 2010

Ethical Tourism, Responsible Tourism, Sustainable Tourism a practical example of creating a more responsible tourist destination. Kangaroo Valley's Green Kangaroo in Australia.

Christopher planned and implemented a community voluntary programme called the Green Kangaroo in Kangaroo Valley NSW Australia. It is considered to be one of the pioneering examples of responsible tourism in action to reduce negative environmental impacts and foster positive economic and social sustainability at a destination level.

The voluntary commitments made by micro and small businesses provide evidence of the hurdles ahead of us, the practical solutions for policy makers and insights for social scientists on human motivation when faced with Climate Change.

The Kangaroo Valley Green Kangaroo Programme covers:

  • Tourism businesses voluntary participate in an audited GHG Emissions and verified scheme that goes further than the Kyoto terms of reference
  • Energy reduction, renewable energy use
  • Recycling
  • Community water use and a voluntary ban on plastic water bottles
  • Greening supply chain and buying local
  • Support and development of cultural events and Indigenous Cultural Heritage
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation policies
  • Promotion of low carbon transport and leisure activities
  • Connectivity Conservation

Community sustainability program –: Symbol indicating individual responsible sustainable action by a Kangaroo Valley tourism businessCommunity sustainability program –: Symbol indicating individual responsible sustainable action by a Kangaroo Valley tourism businessThe scheme has run since July 2007 and is expanding to other regions

The results of the Green Kangaroo programme include overall GHG Emissions reduction, increase in local economic development and support, the flourishing of local cultural heritage.

The programme builds on Kangaroo Valley's earlier commitment to be Australia's first mainland plastic bag free town and the efforts of so many in the community to run local cultural events.

Like any community led grass roots programme, it is the hard work by the individual participants that have helped evolve the Green Kangaroo case study for the benefit of tourism and communities into the future. Following research into the business owners motivations it was found that all undertook either voluntary work within the community, made donations or undertook in-kind philanthropy. It further supports the growing body of research that indicates tourism businesses in rural areas are more likely to be motivated by social reasons than financial benefits form undertaking mitigation.

Results indicate that on average a 20% CO2 footprint reduction has been achieved (October 2011) and a stable or growing business.

Please note that the programme no longer uses the terms carbon neutral or offsetting.

I am happy to share this case study, which is an ongoing project, to help your community become mor sustainable.

Kangaroo Valley received a Highly Commended award in the Best Destination catagory at the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2010

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