Travelology Workshop Method

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Travelology Workshops For New Responsible Tourism Experiences

Travelology is an innovative method to help tourism businesses develop creative Responsible Tourism experiences.

It uses the principles of:

  • Triple bottom line matrix to study the destination 
  • Scenario development 
  • Self-assessment of tourism business owner's passion, vision and strengths  
  • Proprietary gamification using participatory methods to identify competitive concepts
  • Develop strategic partnerships and new Responsible Tourism experiences reflecting destination and tourist operators competitive advantage

Travelology has been used to develop sustainable accommodation services, food & wine experiences, cultural heritage trails and destination place making. It seeks to help business owners and destination managers traverse complex local sustainability factors to deliver competitive visitor experiences. The creative techniques help participants realise economic potential through social, cultural, natural and wildlife features and their own business strengths.

Travelology is customised to each destination, workshops vary in length depending on obectives and number of participants.